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    Shandong Aolang Import & Export Co. Ltd. is a French Aolang protective equipment Co. Ltd. in China, the only Licensing companies. After years of rapid development and strict quality control of all products and expanding sales region and enhance performance, the company has developed into a global personal protective equipment for international corporations and continuous self-improvement.
    In China, Aolang has been committed to the "security, Aolang help" philosophy for more than ten thousand customers to provide personal protective equipment from head to foot, one-stop service.
    France Aolang Protective Equipment Co., Ltd. has a professional R & D team, using the top of innovative design, adding technical elements obtained from the sports leisure. Use aolang personal protective equipment, bring your will no longer be bound by, the real work has become a pleasure to enjoy,
    Aolang now has five production bases, located in France, Britain, Italy, China, India and other places. According to the technical advantages of each country and the raw material cost advantages, to produce a cost-effective products.
    Production bases are in line with ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification, the products meet CE European standards, each year more than 300 standardized tests, to ensure maximum protection to the user. In China, by the industry LA, ISO certification.
    As more world-class enterprises to enter China, Chinese enterprises increasing safety awareness and standards. In order to meet this trend, aolang in March 2007 formally entered China. With security products in the field of the world's leading direct sales management system, complete, adequate cash reserves and efficient distribution center, the world's leading Aolang "one-stop" direct business model into China, as China's enterprise customers more professional and considerate "one-stop" procurement services, so as to save time due to numerous safety and security products to identify the selection and procurement cost, effort and cost.
    Aolang has the advantage ---- high-quality brand guarantees high quality products, a full range of industry (customized) products, providing solutions for workplace safety, convenient service.

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